Student Q™

"I recommend Student Q to any college seeking to increase student satisfaction by doing away with waiting lines." Galen Martin, Director of IT, Gwinnett Technical College

Student Q™ is a higher education virtual queue management application that utilizes 2 way SMS messaging and digital displays to increase student flow and satisfaction by minimizing long lines.

Student Q™ empowers departments to managing waits/ appointments without long lines. Students receive a text message when it’s their turn to be seen. Student’s can interact with the queue using simple text reply commands, thus increasing their sense of control and satisfaction. Students are free to move about the campus to shop, eat or study. Staff can effectively manage multiple queues(waits) from a single web portal, thus increasing staff’s satisfaction during peak times (fewer customer service complaints). Patient Q™ offers an optional self serve kiosk.

According to a recent Ball State University Study, 97 percent of college students surveyed used text messaging as their main form of communication. Colleges and universities seeking to promote a student center environment can now do away with long lines by engaging students through their cell phones. What are you waiting for?

Requirements: Student Q™ is a web hosted browser based application using your existing hardware and broadband.There are no costs associated with specialize equipment, pager systems or expensive support contracts. Queue are easy to customize and to manage. Training requirements are minimal.

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Advantages of Student Q™

  • Increase student and staff satisfaction.
  • Increase student flow during peak periods.
  • Student centered 2 way interactive SMS technology.
  • Digital display integration and self serve Kiosks.
  • No specialized capital equipment or costs required
  • Single or multiple queue management capability in a single platform.
  • Affordably priced, low maintenance.

Student Q™ in Action!

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