Restaurant Q™

Restaurant Q™, also known as Mobile Matradee is the world’s most affordable and flexible 3 in 1 restaurant guest pager, wait list management mobile marketing solution. Mobile Matradee® is the only SMS / voice guest text pager system used by a national restaurant chain since 2010, Dave & Busters.


Mobile Matradee® suite of restaurant solutions:

Wait list Matradee® - integrated restaurant wait list management system with a call-a-head seating feature and restaurant text pager guest notification

Reservation Matradee™ - integrated restaurant reservation management system with restaurant text pager guest notification or confirmation system.

Mobile VIP™ - Integrated SMS mobile marketing application with features such text coupons, mobile menus, QR codes, mobile website builder, reporting.



The benefit of cell phone pager system vs restaurant pager system is as follows:

  • Start up costs can be reduced by about 75% (from $4000 to $200)
  • Pagers loss will be decreased by greater than 100% ($70 to 0)
  • 8 out 10 guest have a guest pager system with them i.e. cell phone
  • The ROI is less than 12 months
  • The best cell phone pager system bundle the wait list cue, call a head seating and voice / text guest notification
  • No server or software to load or maintain on your PC or network
  • Guests have the ability to respond to the page when using a cell phone (i.e. click to call)
  • Guest appreciate the freedom
  • Sanitary and reduces the spread of influenza, H1N1 and staff bacteria
  • All inclusive tech support, customer support and upgrades


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