Patient Q™

Improved Patient Flow Increase Satisfaction Scores by 20% system requirements,

Patient satisfaction is now a core measure of a health care provider’s performance so why not start at the waiting room. Improved patient flow increase patient satisfaction by 20% Patient Q™ takes the anxiety out of waiting while improving patient flow and satisfaction.

Patient Q™ is an interactive queue management system that uses SMS messaging or voice messaging to communicate with patients / families while they wait. Our innovative HIPAA compliant technology enables the patient or family to interact with the queue using simple text reply commands, thus increasing their sense of control and satisfaction. Patients / families are free to move about the campus, while avoiding contagions associate with crowded waiting rooms. Staff can effectively manage multiple queues (waits) from a single web portal. Patient Q™™ offers an op-tional self serve kiosk and digital display integration.

Patient Q™ is a software as a service, ideal for busy health care providers such as hospitals, urgent care clinics, pharmacies and labs who are seeking a solution to enhance the patient satisfaction through better management of the waiting room experience.

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Infection Control

An investigation conducted by CBS News Philadelphia found that “5 of 7 coaster pagers from different restaurants tested positive for Staphylococcus and other bacteria.” Cell phones are not shared thus reduce contagions.

Return on Investment

Patient Q™ is browser based, using your existing hardware resulting in a $2,000 to $3000 saving in year one. There are no costs associated with replacing pagers or specialize equipment or expensive support contracts. Training is quick and easy.

Advantages of Patient Q™

  • Increase patient, family and staff satisfaction.
  • HIPAA Hitech compliant.
  • Patient centered 2 way interactive SMS technology.
  • Digital display integration and self serve Kiosks.
  • No specialized capital equipment or costs required.
  • Single or multiple queue management capability in a single platform.
  • Affordably priced, low maintenance system support.


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