Mobile VIP™

Mobile VIP™ a SMS Loyalty Kiosk Rewards System

Overcoming the barriers of Traditional Mobile Marketing
Mobile VIP™’s SMS Loyalty Kiosk removes the barrier where customers are required to text in a keyword to short code in order to opt into a campaign. By deploying a tablet or touch screen kiosk at your counter the customer engages the kiosk while they wait to check out for example, and they can simply tap their information into the kiosk to join your mobile loyalty rewards program. They get a confirmation opt in text to phone as well as seen a rich graphic display of your promotion on the kiosk screen. Another huge benefit is the ability to build a CRM (customer relations management) database. Due to the larger screen the kiosk interface enables you to collect the customer’s name, cell phone, email address and even offer selections of what types of offers or rewards they prefer to receive. You can offer the option to receive promotions via email or SMS or both.

Instant Rewards or Daily Micro Incentives, Why not both!
The SMS kiosk enables merchants to offer a digital check in kiosk at their physical location rather than through a social media site. Through a call to action campaign, (Check In to Receive our Daily Deal, or Check In 5 times and earn a Gift Card) entices customers to check in each and every visit by simply entering their phone number into the kiosk. Once a customer checks in a predefined number of times, a reward is offered via the kiosk screen and is sent to them by text message in order to redeem. These rewards can be micro incentives offer each day, which is ideal to tap into a customer’s desire for instant gratification, or more valuable rewards based on the number of visits, such as a gift card after 10 Check Ins for example. The SMS kiosk system should be easy to set up and manage for the user admin login so you can customize your campaigns.

The value for the merchant is to drive repeat business thus generating revenue which is more than enough to cover the costs of any incentives or rewards that are offer, not to mention causing a buzz in the community. provide customers incentives to do repeat business with your company while at the same time, creating a sense of customer value at your business was well worth it. You as a business also benefit from these kiosk based text message loyalty programs by receiving the repeat business from customers and at the same time, being able to send out special offers via text message to customers. These special offers may bring in new customers for you or even just maintain the high level of appreciation from your customers. Either way, both parties win.

Another important aspect of note is that with the kiosk based text message loyalty programs, your business can gather crucial data on your customers to help with future business ventures. An example of this would be with an unnamed chain restaurant. The restaurant owns and operates multiple kiosk systems in order to prevent long queues for customer check in. Each time a customer enters their cell number for the check in, data is sent to a mainframe telling you how many times that person has visited in their life and when each visit occurred. This data may seem of little importance but it allows automatic messages to be sent out every so often to garner customer attention. In the example of someone who visits multiple times a week, an automated text message alert might read “Thank you for your outstanding loyalty! AS a token of our gratitude, please invite two friends to join you for twenty dollars of free drinks or appetizers.” In a case where a customer has only visited once in the past three or four months, the text message might read “We appreciate your business but are truly sorry to have not seen you in a while. Please join us for fifty percent off your next meal!”

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