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    A Customer Satisfaction solution through...
    Student Q™
    Bank Q™
    Court Q™
    Customer Q™
    Patient Q™
    Restaurant Q™
    Event Q™
    Mobile VIP™
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    “Waste of Time to Wait in Long Lines”
      We present...
      The "Intelligent System for Virtual Waiting Line"
    Queue Mobile™
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    What Are You Waiting For? Queue Mobile-
    the Interactive Virtual Waiting Line Solution!
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    A Student Satisfaction Solutions – Student Q™
    Designed specifically for colleges and universities seeking to improve student
    registration, financial aid services or a “One Stop” student flow model.

    "I recommend Student Q to any college seeking to increase student satisfaction by doing away
    with waiting lines."
    Galen Martin, Director of IT, Gwinnett Technical College

Queue Mobile Solutions : Student Q™, Bank Q™, Court Q™, Customer Q™, Patient Q™, Restaurant Q™, Event Q™, Mobile VIP™ What Are You Waiting For?

Do your customers get frustrated by waiting in long lines? Are you overwhelmed by complaints as a result of long lines? Want to increase your revenue while increasing customer satisfaction? Unfortunately congestion, long queues and long waiting times have become part of our lives but now with Queue Mobile customers are free from standing in line. Queue Mobile’s innovative technology combines the power and affordability of the internet and speed of SMS Queuing System messaging to create a virtual waiting line.

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