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HOW IT WORKS: Queue Mobile example (patient services)

In order to illustrate how Queue Mobile works, suppose we use a staff member as “Queue Manager”. (By no means this is a requirement).

For families or patients who come to hospital, these are registered in a virtual queue through a registrar used in the hospital. Once registered, the system sends an SMS message to the user confirming their position in the queue and the approximate time for treatment, then we will be advising the platform via SMS messages to put our approach where we attended, this queue can be used for; emergencies, laboratories, payment, registration, etc.


In this scenario, Registrar has the capability to route the user to different queues according to the needs of patients. The registrar must request permission from the patient to enter it into the system, together with the number of your cell phone. Also inform them how the system works, same shall be notified via SMS; registration on the tail, position, approximate time to the care and attention when you approach.


The registrar employee will be responsible for managing the queue are treated as patients, the system automatically takes care of sending a message to the next patient to be treated and as a result the remaining patients move in the virtual queue.


Once the patient has been reviewed by the physician or health care provider, he or she can be transferred to another queue, for example the image area simply with the click of a button. The patient will receive a confirmation of the new queue where it has been registered, its current position and estimated time for service.


The registrar employee can manage and monitor each queue from your browser. The system Queue Mobile allows the employee to handle up to 12 queues simultaneously.

Different departments of the Hospital in the system can register Queue Mobile manage and monitor their own queues based on the flow or workload. You can also incorporate a self service with a console at the point of service.


OTHER BENEFITS Queue Mobile – for patients or families

Once registered the patient in the appropriate queue, he can make better use of their time, now he can do other things as well such as a coffee while you wait.


Beyond the benefits mentioned so far, the SMS technology Queue Mobile , allows patients to virtually interact with the system, for the following purposes:

  • Check the status in the queue
  • Requires more time (moved back)
  • Transfer to another queue
  • Leave the Line

    Patients or families without a cell phone can also be registered in the queue Queue Mobile . Although they will not receive text messages, but can check their position in the queue, via a monitor inside the Hospital.

    The customized virtual queues is a simple process and system Queue Mobile is even easier to manage.

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