Event Q™

Santa Q as known as Event Q™

Eliminate time customers spend standing in long queues and crowded areas while waiting to visit Santa or attend your event. Santa Q can generate income from your shopping centers and retail partners, according to the International Council of Shopping Centers, the average customers spends about $1 dollar per minute while shopping. If a mall serves 50 customers per day and the average customers spends 10 minutes more shopping while waiting in a virtual waiting line (SMS messaging) due to Santa Q™ that can generate an additional $180,500 a year in additional revenue. Now imagine if the number of families is 200 a day!

On the other hand, what if I don’t a virtual queue system like SantaQ™? Studies also show, 24% of consumers abandon their purchases, when confronted with long (physical) waiting lines.

Santa Q™ is an interactive queue management system for Santa sets that uses SMS messaging to communicate wait times to families. Santa Q™ allows families to roam the shopping center and spend their time shopping while they wait to see Santa. Families interact with the queue using simple text reply commands, thus increasing their sense of control and convenience.

How Does Santa Q work

Santa’s visitors join a virtual queue at on-site kiosks at the Santa set. An SMS is received confirming their position in the queue and the approximate wait time. step1
Communication is maintained through regular updates as to their position in the queue. Visitors have the ability to interact with the queue... step2
Visitors receive a final SMS asking them to return to the Santa set when it’s their turn to see Santa. step3
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