Customer Q™

Customer Q™ is a state of the art virtual queue management application that integrates 2 way SMS messaging and digital displays to increase customer flow and increase sales!

Professor Andres Musalem analyzes how customers are affected by waiting

Customer Q™ empowers departments to manage waits / appointments with- out long lines. Customers receive a text message when it’s their turn to be seen. Customers can interact with the queue using simple text reply commands, thus increasing their sense of control and satisfaction. Customers are free from standing in line. Staff can effectively manage multiple queues (waits) from a single web portal, thus increasing staff’s satisfaction during peak times resulting in fewer customer service complaints.

Customer Q™ eliminates long lines by keeping customers shopping while they're waiting!

Products are consumed, but services are experienced. According to the International Council of Shopping Centers, the average customer spends about $1 per minute while shopping. If a store serves 50 customers per day and the average customer spends just 10 minutes waiting in a virtual line, that's $180,500 per year in additional revenue that could be realized by letting customers continue to shop instead of standing in line.

Furthermore, a recent Capital One survey found that 24% of consumers abandon their purchases, and walk out of the store when faced with a long line. Customer Q™ eliminates long lines by keeping customers shopping while they're waiting!
Customer Q™ is a web hosted browser based application.

There are no costs associated with specialize equipment, pager systems or expensive support contracts. Queue are easy to customize and to manage. Training requirements are minimal.
  • Increase customer and staff satisfaction.
  • Increase customer flow during peak periods.
  • Increase sales
  • Digital display integration and self serve Kiosks.
  • No specialized capital equipment or costs required.
  • Single or multiple queue management capability in a single platform

Customer Q™ in Action!

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