Court Q™

Court Q™ is a web based queue management solution for courts, municipalities and government agencies seeking to improve customer flow through virtual waiting lines using SMS (text messaging) queue, self serve kiosks or digital signage. Just about everyone can agree, government agencies are synonymous with paper work and long lines. As a matter of fact, Wait times are a source of complaints at many government and municipal agencies. Tracking wait times (VA for example) is a key metric used to evaluate quality of service. Queue Mobile or Court Q™ provides reporting to track key indicators such as wait times.

Court house workflow automation has been proliferating in justice system of almost all jurisdictions around the world. The reasons, among others, are its efficiency in managing case files, retrieving case information within seconds, the effective integration between organizations and speedy justice dispensation. Queue management system such as Court Q™, is a flexible web hosted solutionthat can stream lines court proceedings or any government agency for that matter.





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