Consignment Q™

Consignment Q™ is the only queue management system designed for the consignment industry. Consignment Q™ manages customer flow keeping consigners on the floor shopping while you are pricing out their items. This eliminates congestion at check between consigners and shoppers thus increase sales and improving the overall customer experience. According to the International Council of Shopping Centers, the average customers spends about $1 dollar per minute while shopping. If a consignment shop serves 50 customers per day and the average customers spends 10 minutes more shopping while waiting in a virtual waiting line due to Consignment Q™ that can generate an additional $180,500 a year in additional revenue. Why do you need Consignment Q™? Studies also show, 24% of consumers abandon their purchases, when confronted with long (physical) waiting lines.

Consignment Q™ is a low cost high value technology that requires only a web browser and internet connection.


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