Bank Q™

Bank Q™ is an innovative customer flow management solution that utilizes SMS queue management technology to efficiently match banking resources with customer demands. Queue management systems are relatively new to the banking industry, however with increased consolidation and increased competition the customer experience is paramount to establishing a true competitive differential.

A major factor of success for the banking industry is to increase customer satisfaction through the improvement of service quality. Service quality means different things to different organization however in any service organization, the time that customers are required to wait in order to receive their service should always be management’s top quality concern. You only have one shot at making a great first impression and it starts with how long your customers have to wait in line.

Banks in particular pay special attention to service quality as the most significant core competence. A bank’s queue management system will drive customer flow. Customer flow is measured by queue length and the duration of the wait time. In other words, for a bank, effective customer flow is driven by how the bank manages its customer flow during peak periods. Many times, especially pay day, there is little a bank can do to reduce the actual wait time but with Bank Q™ you can change the customer perception about the quality of service in banks by eliminating long lines thus creating a perception the time to wait will be less.


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