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Queue Mobile®  is a SMS Virtual Queue Management System designed to increase customer satisfaction through improved customer flow.

Do your customers get frustrated by waiting in long lines? Are you overwhelmed by complaints as a result of long lines?  Want to increase your revenue while increasing customer satisfaction?  Unfortunately congestion, long queues and long waiting times have become part of our lives but now with Queue Mobile customers are free from standing in line.  Queue Mobile’s innovative technology combines the power and affordability of the internet and speed of SMS Queuing System messaging to create a virtual waiting line

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“Waste of time to wait in long lines” … we present the ” Intelligent System for Virtual Waiting Line,Queue Management “ – ” Queue Mobile “.

How it Works

Queue Mobile™” is a comprehensive customer flow solution that is scalable for small and large organizations seeking to increase customer satisfaction at the point of service. The unique technology used by Queue Mobile requires no special equipment or software.  Queue Mobile is a cloud based SAS solution. A PC, tablet or smartphone with internet access is all that is needed. Customers are entered into Queue Mobile via self serve kiosk or a “queue manager”,  a text message is sent to any cell phones  confirming customer registration in a particular queue.  Customers can interact with the queue with simple text replies (“T” for more time, “S” for status or “L” to leave line)  to check their status in the queue, request more time or leave the queue automatically.  Customers love the freedom and sense of control and your staff enjoys the automation as well as fewer complaints.  Happy staff equal satisfied customers.

In the U.S.A., 9 out of 10 citizens have a mobile phone. Texting far outstrips voice for the number one use of a mobile phone.  The most widely used means of communication is SMS text messaging, 95% of all SMS messages are read and 85% are read instantly.  Put the power of Queue Mobile in the hands of your best customers!

Why  “Queue Mobile”?

A recent survey in the United States by the Consultant Capital One found that 24% of consumers abandon their purchases at checkout, if faced with long queues.   Products are consumed, but services are experienced. Queue Mobile  gives your customers a more satisfying experience, thus giving you an enormous advantage  over your competition. Queue Mobile reduces your customers’ perceived wait time (even if their actual wait time doesn’t change at all). Customers enjoy the freedom to shop, chill or do something more productive with their time while they wait.

Queue Mobile Loyalty

With “Queue Mobile” retailers can increase their sales by 24% – as customers are free from physical lines they are free to browse and shop.  Furthermore, it improves customer satisfaction thus increases retention and builds a loyal customer.  Queue Mobile also has the capability to integrate SMS marketing and advertising into it’s messaging and digital displays.

Queue Mobile

Mobile Matradee™ – wait list and reservation (for cafes and restaurants) used by Dave & Busters, Top Golf USA, Chilis, etc.

Queue Mobile Banking ™ – financial services (for Banks, Finance and Credit Cards).

Patient Q ™ – health care (for Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Consultation).

Student Q – academic services (for schools, institutes, academies and universities).

Customer Q ™ – retail and wholesale (Supermarket, Superferreterias, department stores).

Consignment Q™ – exclusively for consignment stores.

Events Q ™ – services for events (concerts, public shows and fairs).

DMV Q ™ – services (vehicular review, registration, licenses).

Government Q – government services (civil registration, property registration, social security, taxes, payment records and patents).

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